ShareMed HF Radar Group

Enhance the quality and use of HF radar observations and merging to other data sources

ShareMed Task 3.2: HF radar systems are a major Mediterranean effort to monitor sea surface 2D currents & waves. ShareMED brings them together for a regional HF radar network combining expertise, experiences and joint efforts to: (i) improve data quality, (ii) use a common data platform, and (iii) deliver useful products to users. The ShareMed HF Radar Group targets to valorise the role of national observing systems in the regional context, and to seek their long term sustainability within consolidated frameworks of funding and support.  

Major expected results

  • an operational combined data delivery system using different communication media and serving a range of users such as ship masters on ECDIS for safer navigation, data assimilation for improved numerical models, etc.,
  • added value products in the form of routine information layers through merged data sets such as for meteo-marine risk alerts, circulation connectivity patterns, environmental indices, and
  • a joint strategy to integrate HF radars in coastal observation systems.

Integrated data service for partner HF radar systems

Integrated data service managing, combining and presenting data (historical and real time) from the partner HF radar systems with a common web interface including data mining, visualisation, and access from a common portal

Operational HF radar added value products

Production and operational publishing of HF radar derived added value products targeting the needs of users and merging HF radar data to other data sources such as from Earth Observations and numerical models.


Latest News

02 March 2020
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