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Physical Oceanography Research Group (UM) 
Leader of Task 4.2 ShareMed HF Radar Group 



Aldo Drago (University of Malta)


Leader of the Physical Oceanography Research Group at the University of Malta and of ShareMed Task 3.2. Coordinator of the CALYPSO series of projects partially funded by the Interreg V-A Italia-Malta programme, leading to the setting up of the CALYPSO HF radar network in the Malta-Sicily Channel.  Served as Executive Secretary of the GOOS Alliance for the Mediterranean (ex-MedGOOS) and currently involved in several international initiatives, including co-lead in the JPI-Oceans Action: Science for Good Environmental Status.



Adam Gauci (University of Malta)


Adam Gauci is a data scientist at the Physical Oceanography Research Group within the Department of Geosciences. He has been involved in a number of projects including the setting up and calibration of the CALYPSO  HF Radar System to monitor in real-time sea surface currents across the Malta Channel, the running of a number of meteo-marine observation stations, as well as the organisation of international courses delivered by experts in the related fields of research.



Joel Azzopardi (University of Malta)


Research interests include Research interests include: Information Extraction, Information Retrieval & Filtering, User Modelling & Adaptive Hypertext, Document Fusion & Summarisation, Scientific Data Management.



Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography (MIO)



Charles-Antoine Guérin (MIO)


Professor at the University of Toulon and has been with the MIO since 2007. He is expert in radar remote sensing from the sea surface and scientific leader of the HF radar activity at MIO.


  Anne Molcard (MIO)
  Professor at the University of Toulon and has been with the MIO since 2005. She is a physical oceanographer with over twenty years experience. Her research interest centers around ocean processes studies, numerical modeling, data processing and analysis, and oceanographic instrumentation (Eulerian, Lagrangian, autonomous, radar).



Bruno Zakardjian (MIO)


Professor at the University of Toulon and has been with the MIO since 2006. He is an oceanographer.



Céline Quentin (MIO)


Research Engineer with the CNRS. She has been with the MIO since 2011. She is specialized in HF radar installations and data management.



Didier Mallarino (MIO)


Research Engineer with the CNRS and the Pytheas Institute. He has been working with the MIO since 2007 and is currently in charge of the Geophysical data websites at the laboratory.



Dylan Dumas (MIO)


PhD student at the University of Toulon and has been with the MIO since 2018. He works on improved signal processing methods for oceanographic radars. He has developed the codes and algorithms which are currently used for real-time high-resolution surface current mapping.



Anthony Gramoullé (MIO)


Engineer at the University of Toulon and has been with the MIO since 2017. He is currently working on oceanographic numerical modeling and data processing in the framework of the Sicomar Plus Interreg Marittimo EU project (2018-2021).



Baptiste Domps (MIO)


With the Degréane Horizons company since 2018. He is writing a PhD with the University of Toulon and the MIO on signal processing of oceanographic and atmospheric radars. The company Degreane Horizon is in charge of the operational maintenance of the HF radar network of the MIO in Toulon. It has been contracted over the period 2019-2021 in the framework of the Sicomar Plus Interreg Marittimo EU project.



Gulf Of Trieste (GOT) HF Radar Coastal Observing System



Davide Deponte (GOT)


Davide Deponte is a Senior Engineer with a degree in Electronic Engineering;He has more than 20 years experience in OGS (since 1997) in the oceanography department for Engineering support to research activities and as reference for third parties contracts. He took part in many research and services surveys on-board OGS Explora and other International Research Vessels. He is involved in radar activities as reference for the OGS HF radar stations, maintenance and support for the research activity since 2018.


  Catalina Reyes (GOT)

Catalina Reyes is a physicist with a PhD in Earth Science and Fluid Mechanics. She has experience as an experimental physical oceanographer, working mainly in the area of High Frequency Radar (HFR) and CTD deployment, data acquisition, processing and post-processing. Currently she is a PostDoc researcher at the Experimental oceanography (ExO) group at OGS. Since 2018 she has been involved in the HFR activities related to data management and analyses.



Matjaž Ličer (GOT)


Matjaz Licer is a physical oceanographer, working in the fields of numerical modeling, Lagrangian tracking and marine data analyses. He uses HF radar data for numerical model verifications and Lagrangian back-tracking. Radar data are planned to be included in operational Lagrangian drift nowcasting and in data assimilation in one of the future versions of NEMO4 ocean model at Slovenian Environment Agency.


  Branko Čermelj  (GOT)

Branko Čermelj is a Research Councillor at the Marine Biology Station (MBS) of the National Institute of Biology in Piran. As head of the Instrumental Centre, for the last 20 years he was involved in the development of the major research infrastructure at MBS including the setup of HF radar in Piran. 


  Vanessa Cardin (GOT)

Vanessa Cardin is a physical oceanographer, Head of the Experimental Oceanography Group in the Department of Oceanography at OGS.  She has over 25 years of experience as a marine scientist with particular interest in the analysis of physical and biochemical data, the characterization of the water column, as well as air-sea interaction in the Mediterranean Sea. Since 2006 she is the P.I. of the SAILOR-E2M3A Observatory in the Southern Adriatic Sea.


  Fabio Brunetti (GOT)

Electronic engineer with 20 years of experience in the data acquisition systems. Technologist at OGS since 2000, he is responsible for the remote marine monitoring platforms. Since 2005 he coordinates the marine technology activities to support oceanographic research in the Department of Oceanography at OGS. He has been involved in the installation and maintenance of three coastal radar stations (WERA) for monitoring surface currents in the northern Adriatic Sea during the DOLCEVITA project.


  Vlado Malačič (GOT)

Prof. Dr. Vlado Malacic is a Physics graduate experienced in coastal oceanography. He was invoked in national and international field surveys of the Gulf of Trieste (Alpe Adria campaigns, EU project Paloma). He is running the numerical modeling of coastal dynamics and applied research projects on sewage dispersion from submarine outfalls. He is responsible for the setup of a new laboratory of fluid dynamics with rotating table. His field of future interest is the oceanography of coastal waters and small scale dynamics.


  Katja Klum (GOT)

Katja Klun is a chemist with PhD in environmental protection. Her research is focused on marine biogeochemistry of (dissolved) organic matter and metals, but recently is focused also in applied research in relation to the use of marine organisms. Since 2019 she is the head of Infrastructure center at Marine biology station.



Balearic Islands Observing and Forecasting System (SOCIB)



Melanie Juza (SOCIB)


Engineer-Researcher, Modelling and Forecasting Facility, Balearic Islands Coastal Observing and Forecasting System (SOCIB) in the Modelling and Forecasting Facility, Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

  • Support to operational models (ocean forecasting system and meteo-tsunamis prediction) in the western Mediterranean Sea: development, maintenance, validation, improvement.

  • Systematic and quantitative assessment of regional oceanic simulations (forecasts and hindcasts) implemented in the western Mediterranean Sea using available multi-platform observations (remote sensing and in situ measurements).

  • Dynamical investigations (circulation and variability at basin and sub-basin scales, ocean processes) in the western Mediterranean combining observations and numerical simulations.


  Paz Rotllan-Garcia (SOCIB)

Frontend​ ​developer​ ​for​ ​Products​ ​and​ ​Services​ ​division, Balearic Islands Coastal Observing and Forecasting System (SOCIB) in the Data Center Facility,​ ​Palma​ ​de​ ​Mallorca,​ ​Spain.​​ ​​​.

  • Development of tools for showcasing the IN SITU component of the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Services: capabilities (in terms of spatial and temporal coverage), performance​ ​(key​ ​performance​ ​indicators),​ ​usability​ ​(use​ ​cases)​ ​etc....
  • Web development for SOCIB Products and Services division (tools focused on coastal management, fisheries & stock management, marine related sports...) in the Western Mediterranean​ ​Sea:​ ​development,​ ​maintenance,​ ​improvement.
  • Processing and analysis of multi-platform observations (​in situ measurements) as well as model​ ​outputs.
  • Support to third parties investigations by providing short and friendly pieces of code to access SOCIB thredds services as well as CMEMS IN SITU component FTP (Training sessions​ ​and​ ​Communication).



Emma Reyes (SOCIB)


Head of Coastal High-Frequency radar facility, Balearic Islands Coastal Observing and forecasting System (SOCIB)

  • Calibration and operation of the HF radar system from the Ibiza Channel (daily remote check, data flow and backup; near-real time and delay-mode validation; development and implementation of added-value HFR data products; APM calibration).
  • Preparation and participation in validation experiments in the Ibiza Channel.
  • Identification of surface circulation patterns and its variability in the Ibiza Channel.
  • Coordination and writing of research grant proposals.
  • Work jointly with other scientists in the context of the HF radar networks (at European and Global level) andin the scope of international funded projects.
  • Coordination of public-private partnership projects.
  • Representation of SOCIB-HF radar Facility at local, national and international scene.
  • Representation of SOCIB-HF radar Facility at outreach events organized by other members of the Outreachand Education Facility.



  Joaquin Tintore  (SOCIB)

Research Professor from CSIC (Spanish Research Council) at IMEDEA (CSIC- UIB) and Director of SOCIB (Balearic Islands Coastal Observing System).


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