The CALYPSO HF Radar Network

Through the CALYPSO and the CALYPSO FollowOn projects, a permanent and fully operational system for the real-time measurement of sea surface currents and waves in the strip of sea between Malta and Sicily was set up.

The MIO HF Radar Network

The HFR network in Toulon is composed of 2 transmitters (TX) and 2 receivers (RX) located on Porquerolles island, at Cap Bénat, and at Fort Peyras. 

The GOT HF Radar Network

The Gulf of Trieste (GOT) HF Radar Coastal Observing System. A partnership between Italian and Slovenian research centers.

The SOCIB HF Radar Facility

SOCIB High Frequency (HF) Radar Facility consists of two CODAR SeaSonde radial stations with antennas overlooking the Ibiza Channel; one antenna is located at the western coast of Ibiza Island (38º 57.1' N; 001º 13.1' E), and a second one is located at the western coast of Formentera Island (38º 39.9' N; 001º 23.3' E).
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